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As the animal shelter industry continues to grow, so does the standardized collection of animal shelter data. In 2021, BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions will continue its mission of transparency by adding an additional method to our statistical reporting. We will now utilize two sets of data to calculate our lifesaving percentages. Along with the Asilomar Accords Live Release Rate (LRR), BARC will also provide a new Save Rate. With both reports, BARC will report the number of shelter animals each month along with the descriptions of how these percentages are calculated.

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At A Glance Current Month Statistics

The Asilomar Accords uses a set of criteria, definitions, a statistics table for tracking shelter populations. The Asilomar Accords Live Release Rate formula is used for determining live release rates in shelters. As the name states, the formula only accounts for animals positively outcome by the shelter – with the exception of animals that either go missing or died while in custody, or are given euthanasia at the request of a relinquishing owner where the animal has been classified as “unhealthy” and “untreatable.”  The LRR formula also takes into account the starting animal inventory for the reporting period as some of the animals outcomed may have been taken in prior to the start of the reporting period.
Live Release Rate Formula = Total Live Animal Outcomes / (All Outcomes - Unhealthy/Untreatable Owner Requested Euthanasia)

To understand more about the definitions, terminologies and criteria in the Asilomar Accords, go to

Asilomar Statistics prior to 2019 are listed in the Archive below

As the municipal animal shelter in the fourth largest City in the United Sates, BARC has numerous initiatives occurring simultaneously: Animal Control, pet licensing, outreach, education, spay/neuter, and many, many more. So, we designed a monthly one-page summary with statistics of all of our initiatives in each area of the organization. We will publish a new document at the beginning of each month.

At-A-Glance Statistics prior to 2019 are listed in the Archive below

The Save Rate looks at how many animals were saved based upon the intake of animals. Unlike the Live Release Rate, it does not allow for the exclusion of any outcomes so and it does count animals that were currently in custody. It simply shows the percentage of the animals taken in that were NOT euthanized.
The Save Rate formula = (Live Intakes - Other Outcome)/Live Intakes

Please note:
Other Intakes = Impounds for cruelty cases and protective custody and pets born while in care.
Other Live Outcomes = Barn Cat and TNR/ RTF programs

Content for this area is coming soon.

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