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Frequently Asked Questions

BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions offers a variety of services to Houston’s residents with the goal of improving animal welfare. Our animal shelter offers services through our Adoption Center, Outreach Section, Wellness Clinic, and Animal Enforcement section, just to name a few.

Pet Adoption

    Learn more about BARC’s adoption process, how to adopt a pet, view our available pets online, find out how to adopt a pet in foster care, and other adoption-related topics at
    You do not need to live inside city of Houston limits to adopt a pet, however you must be able to come to the shelter in person. All adoptions must be done in person. Start the process by planning your visit to the shelter. Appointments are not needed to adopt a pet!

Animal Intake

    All pet intake is by appointment only. We ask the community to assist by not picking up any stray animals unless you are prepared to care for them at home. If you pick up a stray animal and are a City of Houston resident, then you must set up an appointment to surrender an animal. Visit to make an appointment.

    Intake appointments are not needed for sick or injured stray pets. If you find a sick or injured pet, you can bring the pet to BARC by visiting the 2700 Evella entrance during our normal business hours.
    Surrendering your pet should be last on your list of options when facing difficulties and considered only under the most dire of circumstance. Visit to view resources to help you rehome your pet.
    There is no cost to surrender a pet to BARC but an appointment is needed.

Wellness Services

Spay & neuter Services

Pet Registration

    The City of Houston offers three ways to register your pet. You may register online, in person, or via mail. We currently DO NOT accept payments over the phone. Visit to learn more.
    Only citizens who reside inside the City of Houston limits are required to register their pets.

    Registering your pet is the law. The City of Houston Municipal Code requires that anyone who owns, keeps, possesses, or has control of a dog or cat four months of age or older must have his or her pet registered, vaccinated against rabies every year, and a registered microchip. Visit to learn more.

Get Involved

    Fostering a shelter pet can change lives. There are many different options when fostering with BARC and many different levels of time and emotional commitment. With every kind of fostering, though, the goal is the same: to help every foster animal become adoptable and to find every foster pet a forever home. Visit to learn more about our foster program and apply.

    Email to contact our Foster team with questions.
    BARC offers a tiered volunteer program with low commitment! Do you want to give back to your local Houston community in a meaningful way? Come volunteer at BARC Animal Shelter! Visit to learn more about our Volunteer program and apply.

    Email to contact our volunteer team with questions.
    Yes, BARC partners with many local and national rescues to offer our pets with positive outcomes. Rescue and transport partners play an integral role in saving lives. Each rescue group plays an essential role in making an impact, and we are always looking for new partners. Are you interested in helping us change a pet's life? Visit to learn more about our rescue program and apply to become a rescue partner.

    Email to contact our rescue team.

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