Declaring a Dog as Aggressive

AGGRESSIVE DOG (Houston Code 6-151 Definitions) means a dog that meets one of the following conditions:

  1. Bites, assaults, or otherwise attacks a person without provocation on the property of the owner and causes serious bodily injury to the person, provided that the person is on the property of the owner with the owner's consent or invitation;
  2. Has displayed aggressive tendencies that cause a person of normal sensibilities to fear the dog will attack that person or a domesticated animal without provocation while inside an enclosure, and such enclosure is not sufficient to ensure the safety of persons or domesticated animals on adjoining property or the public at large; or
  3. Has otherwise interfered with the freedom of movement of persons in a public right-of-way, regardless of whether the dog was on the property of its owner; or
  4. A peace officer or animal control officer has reason to believe the dog has a dangerous disposition and is likely to be harmful to humans or other domestic animals.

How to Declare a Dog as Aggressive

To make an Aggressive Dog or other complaint, please call 311 (713-837-0311)

In order for the City to declare a dog Aggressive, an original, signed, notarized affidavit is required from the person making the complaint. Emailed, or other electronic statements are not sufficient for a declaration to be made. A statement form may be found here.

The affidavit/statement must contain a description of the event(s), with the date and time of the incident(s) that caused the person making the complaint to believe the dog in question to be Aggressive as defined above. The date and times must be specific, for example: 1-1-2016 7pm: The brown male terrier owned by J. Citizen mix pushed through the gate and attacked my dog.

Statements or notarized affidavits may be mailed to:

BARC/Animal Enforcement
Attention: Animal Control Manager
2700 Evella
Houston, Texas, 77026

The statements may also be brought to the BARC facility during business hours at 3200 Carr St. Houston,Texas, 77026

For questions concerning filing the report, please call 311 to contact the City of Houston Animal Control Managers.

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