Trap Neuter Return

What is Trap Neuter Return? Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a program that has been adapted nationwide. It has also been approved by the director of BARC Animal shelter and adoptions. It is a humane and effective approach in which community cats are humanely trapped, evaluated, vaccinated, sterilized, and marked by an identifying notch in the left ear, and returned to their trap location.

TNR helps the colony size remain stable, population size will see a gradual decrease. And most importantly address community concerns with growing populations, abandoned kittens, and injured animals in their community.

frequently asked questions

    Community cat is an umbrella term that includes any un-owned cat. These cats may be “feral” (un-socialized) but friendly, both can thrive in a community. Many of these cats have been born in the wild or may be lost of abandoned pet cats. Some community cats are routinely fed by community members and consider their community their “home”

    TNR in conjunction with community cat care practices is a path to happier communities. Once community cats have been spayed and neutered, not only does population size gradually decrease, but cats will be healthier, and co-exist more peacefully within a neighborhood. The amount of abandoned kittens will reduce and we will also see a gradual decrease in shelter intake and euthanasia. TNR is a step into creating a better Houston.

    TNR colony managers serve as our on-the-ground contact, they provide food and water daily, are actively working towards spaying and neutering their community, and maintaining a healthy and thriving cat community. Citizens must be feeding in a way that does not attract wildlife, must have permission of property owner/manager if the colony is not on either their own property or on city property, and they must live inside the Houston city limits, as well as the colony.

    What are my options if I choose not to be a Colony Manager?

    If being a colony manager is not an avenue you wish to embark upon, BARC is still here to offer assistance. Some options available would be:

    1. cat surrender appointment: Healthy feral cats of sufficient weight (3 lbs) will go through the SNR (Spay Neuter Release) program and be returned to the community by BARC at the address listed at time of surrender. If Friendly , she/he may be considered a candidate for adoption and remain at the shelter.

    2. Free HPHS surgery appointment, if you wish to keep the cat as a pet:

    3. BARC is now having open intake every Sunday from 12 –2 pm 2700 Evella St.

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