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District H Newsletter 2018

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Week of December 30th, 2018 (Corrected): https://conta.cc/2F8w5Ca
Week of December 30th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2F8ji2C
Week of December 16th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2EAIn5K
Week of December 9th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2RXMzAx
Week of December 2nd, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5g6sj
Week of November 25th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2Rb5Pep
Week of (Thanksgiving Edition): https://conta.cc/2R1nRPW
Week of November 11th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R0V5iB
Week of November 4th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2QZgx7B
Week of October 28th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R3agrg
Week of October 21st ,2018: https://conta.cc/2QZidxV
Week of October 14th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2QYvir2
Week of October 7th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R1ODHR
Week of September 30th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R4hlrz
Week of September 23rd, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R2CB1d
Week of September 16th, 2018 (Correction): https://conta.cc/2R1p5L2
Week of September 16th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R2N7Fm
Week of September 9th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2Rb6PiF
Week of September 2nd, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R2DSW3
Week of August 26th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2QYvRRG
Week of August 19th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R20s0N
Week of August 12th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R1xzlu
Week of August 5th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R4o30X
Week of July 29th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R1xJt6
Week of July 22nd, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R3SfsV
Week of July 15th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R4pVqv
Week of July 12th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5JGy2
Week of July 8th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R2Fq2j
Week of July 1st, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5KxPg
Week of June 24th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5R4Jx
Week of June 17th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5hATp
Week of June 10th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R1AhYc
Week of June 3rd, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R11U3H
Week of May 27th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R1AsCQ
Week of May 20th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2QYVCRU
Week of May 13th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R24VR7
Week of May 10th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R2GFhZ
Week of May 6th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R2BiiG
Week of April 29th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R1C4fS
Week of April 22nd, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R0Pitf
Week of April 15th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R3Vf8F
Week of April 8th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5SpA3
Week of April 1st, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R7HA0A
Week of March 25th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5SO5x
Week of March 18th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R5NSxM
Week of March 11th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R2SrbO
Week of March 4th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R1XadR
Week of February 25th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R4ofwZ
Week of February 18th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R3j3tg
Week of February 11th, 2018 (Correction): https://conta.cc/2R5lJqr
Week of February 11th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R17oLP
Week of February 4th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R3jhAC
Week of January 21st, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R20FRE
Week of January 14th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R7LCGg
Week of January 7th, 2018: https://conta.cc/2R20ghZ