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Recently the Office's Talent Division has compiled the most frequently asked questions the department receives into an FAQ.

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The city-wide New Employee Orientation is a program developed by the Human Resources Department to provide new employees with relevant information about the City’s operations, rules, and policies. It also will provide information about benefits and some of the programs. It is mandated by Administrative Policy 3-33: Orientation for New Employees and New Supervisors.

•All newly hired civilian or municipal employees. •All rehired civilian or municipal employees rehired after December 28, 2015 and who have not successfully completed the city-wide new employee orientation within the twelve-month period preceding the rehire date.

• We offer it twice a month, on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. You should take the session that is the closest to, but after your start/report to work date.
• You need to take it within your first 30 days.

• Orientation begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:15 pm.

• Click on the Calendar of Classes option under Navigation on the right.
• Click the New Employee Orientation button.
• Click on the date for the session closest to, but after your start date. You will be taken to a website ( and asked to fill out a form.
• Fill out all fields in the form. Click Submit at the end of each page.
• Your registration is successful when you see a “Thank you for your participation screen.”
• For more detailed instructions, please click the link: NEO Registration

• The website does not generate an email when you have completed the form. If you saw a “Thank you for your participation” message on your screen, you registered successfully.
• You should receive an email from HR New Employee Orientation called “City of Houston New Employee Orientation: Things to Know Before You Come” within a week of your registration.
• If you have any questions, please contact us at or 832-395-4890.

• That could be one of the following issues:
1. First, the calendar invitation with the access link is sent to the email address you provided, and to your manager, no later than the FRIDAY PRIOR to the orientation date.
2. Second, please check your spam folder as it may have ended up there.
3. You can also check with your manager for the link.
• If neither of the options listed work, please contact us at or via phone at 832-395-4890.

• Please get with your manager to see if your schedule can be adjusted to accommodate attending New Employee Orientation. Or see if a different session would be better for you to attend.

• Classified (non-civilian) personnel of the Houston Police Department or Houston Fire Department are not required to take the city-wide New Employee Orientation.
• Cadets of the Houston Police Department and Houston Fire Department are not required to take the city-wide New Employee Orientation.

• New Employee Orientation is held virtually over the Microsoft Teams Live Event platform.
• To attend, you need to have filled out the registration form with an email address that you check regularly.
• Open the calendar invitation and click on the link that says, “Live Attendee Join Link.”
• A computer, tablet, or smartphone is required to attend the orientation.
• You will also need to make sure that you can hear it. If you work in a cubicle or office environment, you may need to use a headset, headphones, or earbuds to listen to the orientation. • A microphone is not required.

• No. Departments and areas may provide new employees with a separate orientation related to the functioning of their department. It is possible that you attended a department or area orientation prior to attending the city-wide one.

• It can take us several days to verify the attendance and ensure that proper credit is given. Once everything is verified, we will provide the credit in the Talent Management System. You should receive an email from the Talent Management System letting you know that learning is complete for New Employee Orientation once we have done so
• If you haven’t received an email from the Talent Management System a week after the orientation date, let us know at or 832-395-4890.

• Email us at stating the problem and we will see to its correction.

• Just register for the next available orientation. You can visit this link to do so: Calendar of Classes

• Please have your manager contact us via email at as soon as possible and explain your situation. We may be able to work something out. We address these situations on a case-by-case basis, and you and your manager will receive an email from us letting you know your options.
• Special-case accommodations must be received several days in advance of the orientation date.

• Please check with your manager. Some departments require temporary employees to attend.

• No. In order to receive credit, you must be present for the entire orientation.
• Failure to successfully sign in and out will result in an “Unsuccessful” completion and you will be required to attend the next one.

• Links are shared during the orientation that you will need to click to ensure signing in and out.

• New Employee Orientation is not recorded. However, you can download copies of all presentations used during the orientation on the New Employee Orientation Resources webpage.

• Yes! There are several helpful resources for you on the New Employee Resources Page.

• Yes. Downloading copies of the presentations does not replace attending the orientation.

• Email us at telling us the specific issue and with what file. We will see that it gets corrected.

• Registration for New Employee Orientation is not available in the Talent Management System. You must register via the Calendar of Classes page.

• For assistance and questions regarding New Employee Orientation, please contact us at or 832-395-4890.
• For assistance with the Employee Self Service Portal, please contact HITS at 832-394-4487.

• No. You need to have already reported to work and began working for the City of Houston prior to attending New Employee Orientation.
• You are allowed to register for New Employee Orientation prior to the date you start working for the City. Select the session closet to, but after your start date.

• Send an email over to or call us at 832-395-4890.


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