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The Learning and Development Center (LDC) is a strategy development and employee performance improvement organization. We offer comprehensive training solutions that significantly impact performance and institutional outcomes. Our consultancy is comprised of an experienced team of professionals with the knowledge and capabilities to design and implement strategies that help our clients achieve their goals. Our primary focus is to provide transformational learning programs that enhance the skills, job competencies, and improve performance and overall satisfaction for the City of Houston's workforce.

The LDC provides training opportunities at its two-story, 54,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility on a space-available basis for other organizations. Our clients include City of Houston departments and employees, and other municipalities, public agencies, non-profit agencies, and private businesses in the greater Houston area.

Please sign up for our new upcoming classes for the month of September, October, and November 2018. The classes we offer are on the topics of business, computer and management skills. Classes are subject to change. For accurate and updated information, please contact the LDC at 832-395-4900. More >

Upcoming Programs
Strengthening Your Core
In this course participants will:
  • Accept change readily, both in job responsibilities as well as in the work environment
  • Maintain effectiveness when experiencing changes in work assignments, processes, or conditions
  • Seek to understand changes and approaches change positively
  • Adjust behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment

The next SYC program class is on Friday, September 07, 2018. Please register to join us on this date. More >
Featured Class
Building Legendary Customer Service

Each and every one of us serves customers whether we realize it or not. Maybe you are on the frontlines of the organization serving the people who use our services. Perhaps you are an accountant serving the employees by producing their paychecks and keeping the organization running. Or maybe you’re a supervisor, serving your staff.

  • Define customer service
  • Identify who are customers
  • Recognize the customer service pitfalls
  • Develop outstanding customer service practices
  • Calm down angry customers
  • The next class is on September 25, 2018. Please register to join us on this date. More >

    Contact Information: Learning and Development Center | 4501 Leeland Street | Houston, TX 77023 | Phone: 832-395-4900 | Fax: 832-395-4892 | Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.