Office of Business Opportunity

Title VI Prohibited Forms of Discrimination

City of Houston’s efforts to prevent discrimination include, but are not limited to prohibiting:

  • The denial of services, financial aid, or other benefits provided under a program.
  • Distinctions in the quality, quantity, or manner in which the benefit is provided.
  • Segregation or separation of persons in any part of the program.
  • Restriction in the enjoyment of any advantages, privileges, or other benefits provided to others.
  • Different standards or requirements for participation.
  • Methods of administration which directly or indirectly or through contractual relationships would defeat or impair the accomplishment of effective nondiscrimination.
  • Discrimination in any activities or services related to a highway, infrastructure or facility built or repaired in whole or in part with federal funds.
  • Discrimination in any employment resulting from a program or services, the primary purpose of which is to provide employment.

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