Ordinance Amendment Comments

The public right-of-way is for pedestrian and vehicle traffic and utilities. Private vendors are creating obstructions using tables, motor-assisted scooters, tents, games and signs and these obstructions create significant liability concerns.

The ordinance amendments prohibit the business activity on the public right-of-way.

The proposed ordinance amendments:

  1. Prohibit use of public property for rental or services of goods
  2. Prohibit display of motor-assisted scooters for rental in the right-of-way
  3. Prohibit the riding of motor-assisted scooters on sidewalks in a business district.
  4. Make it unlawful for someone to block any portion of the sidewalk and render it impassable

The document links below are .pdf

Please submit your comments below. Public comment period will end at 5 pm on March 15.