Heritage Districts - Rules


  • Heritage District boundaries may be drawn to include property outside the right-of-way but only the portion of the district located within the right-of-way will include Heritage District projects
  • Heritage Districts should not be smaller than one block.
  • If the district is comprised of intangible heritage, please provide photos, archival materials or other to support the heritage claim. Provide the location or address of all photos submitted.
  • All submittals must explain how you decided on the boundaries and what history is attached to the entire area.
  • Please document and submit any tangible historic elements in the proposed district detailing sites, monuments, artifacts, etc. All architectural features should not be moved or altered without specific permission in writing from PD and should only be altered to repair.
  • All civic clubs that are registered with the COH, Super Neighborhoods, and other neighborhood organizations as determined by PD should be notified that the application has been submitted.
  • Documentation of financial stability in keeping with the ordinance should be submitted.
  • Must submit a detailed plan for celebrating/protecting the heritage in the district.
  • Include any letters of support for the project.
  • Provide a copy of any deed restrictions.
  • All designs have to be approved by PD.
  • Existing elements in the right-of-way should not be altered without permission from PD.
  • All improvements must be maintained by the entity creating them.
  • Improvement should not obstruct the sidewalk and adhere to ADA compliance. Also should be inviting to pedestrians.
  • The name off the district must be approved by PD and should be connected to the heritage of the district.

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