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Stages Theatre

Stages TheatreStages Theatre
3201 Allen Parkway
Houston, TX 77019

PHONE: 713.527.0123

Stages Repertory Theatre is a professional Equity theatre dedicated to providing Houston's diverse audiences with challenging, provocative theatre produced with the highest artistic standards. 

From ground-breaking new works to modern classics, Stages brings the best of today's theatre home to Houston.

Stages Theatre Schedule

Panto Star Force
(November 21 - December 30, 2018)

Panto Star Force is an adventurous, cosmic blast of blockbuster hilarity! Jed, a farm boy from the planet Cypress, joins forces with a zany band of space rebels, robots, and furry bartenders (and Buttons, of course!) to stop the powerful Emperor Snorkelfish and Dark Tater from taking over the galaxy. Come ready to laugh, cheer and boo in true Panto style, with plenty of toe-tapping music and intergalactic fun for the whole family!

Who’s Holiday! By Matthew Lombardo
(December 5 – 30, 2018)

It’s Christmas Eve and the now 40-year-old Cindy Lou Who lives in her shoddy trailer home on Mount Crumpit, former hideout of the infamous Grinch. While she awaits her Christmas party guests, she regales listeners with the bizarre journey her life has taken since that fateful night in Whoville when a certain Grinch tried to steal Christmas. This hysterical and wild parody is a must-see for mischievous ADULT theatre-goers this holiday season! Not suitable for those easily offended.

The River Bride
(January 23 - February 10, 2019)

Two sisters in a Brazilian fishing village struggle to find their own happily-ever-after while bound to family honor and tradition. Helena is in love with her sister Belmira’s betrothed; meanwhile Belmira only wants to escape the Amazonian river life for an exciting adventure in the city. Days before the wedding, a mysterious stranger is pulled from the river, offering a tantalizing future that may change both their lives. Brazilian folklore and lyrical storytelling combine to weave a magical tale of love, fate and transformation.

Sin Muros (Without Walls)
(January 31 – February 3, 2019)

Stages celebrates the range of Latina/o voices and stories reflecting the diversity of local Texas communities with the second-annual Sin Muros: A Latina/o Theatre Festival. The festival weekend will be filled with public events for audiences and local theatre-makers, including readings, workshops and networking opportunities. Three scripts will be selected to be workshopped over a one-week period, resulting in public readings/showings. Readings will be produced under AEA Staged Reading 29 Hour contract, allowing twenty-nine hours of rehearsal and performance combined. Each script will be assigned a director and actors. Playwrights must be in the rehearsal room and may rewrite as little or as much as they prefer. An honorarium, travel and lodging will be provided by the festival to selected playwrights.

(February 13 – March 3, 2019)

Money, sex, and Photoshop! After Sam loses his job at Doghouse, a men’s magazine where the men always behave badly, he interviews at Electra, a glossy women’s magazine where the women objectify each other. NSFW is a satirical look at the cut-throat media world where jobs are scarce, beauty standards are savage and personal integrity is a luxury.

Little Shop Of Horrors
(March 6 – April 28, 2019)

This smash sci-fi musical has devoured the hearts of theatre-goers for over 30 years! A nerdy flower shop clerk named Seymour stumbles across a new breed of plant which he affectionately names after his secret crush, Audrey. The exotic bloom offers the promise of fame and fortune, but Seymour soon discovers that the mysterious “Audrey II” also has a taste for blood, ominous origins and an insatiable appetite for power!

Murder For Two
(April 24 – June 16, 2019)

The hit show that is selling out across the country is now coming to Houston! Everyone is a suspect in Murder for Two, a hilarious murder mystery with a twist. One actor plays the investigator, the other plays all 13 suspects, and both play the piano throughout! A zany blend of classic musical comedy and madcap mystery, this whodunit is a highly theatrical duet loaded with killer laughs.

Sex With Strangers
(May 22 – June 9, 2019)

A sly comedy about lust, love and personal identity in the tell-all internet age! Snowbound at a remote writer’s retreat, Olivia struggles to find inspiration after her first novel was a flop. She receives an unexpected visit from Ethan, an admirer and online “sexcapade” blogger who offers to promote her book to his massive digital fan base. However, their instant attraction turns to uncertainty as Olivia begins to question whether Ethan is her true love or just a hot brand with a hotter body.

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