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Parking Management Division

Parking Management Division LogoParking Management is a Division of the Administration & Regulatory Affairs Department. By servicing and maintaining 9,200 on-street parking spaces across the Greater Houston area, Parking Management creates sound regulations for all commercial and residential areas enhancing pedestrian safety, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and allowing emergency vehicles to reach their destinations. Parking Management also encourages parking awareness while supporting public transit initiatives..


To be a solution-focused partner that supports the City of Houston’s economic development goals by providing superior customer service, investing in cutting edge technologies and through active collaboration with diverse user groups

To be the premier municipal parking organization in the country.

Like many communities, the City of Houston strategically places parking meters in areas where parking is in high demand. By managing curb-space, meters allow more drivers to easily find parking and identify spaces designated for public use. Meters also help create parking turnover by keeping spaces from being used for extended periods.  On-street and lot meter durations, rates and times vary according to the time demand at each location. Meter durations range from 30 minutes to 10 hours, depending on parking needs. Rates also vary and are predetermined according to parking studies performed before meters are installed.


  • Manage over 9,000 parking meter spaces throughout the City by collecting, maintaining and enforcing more than 1,000 smart parking meters capable of accepting payment by cash, coin, bill or cell phone.
  • Assist neighborhoods with chronic commuter parking problems through the Residential Permit Parking program.
  • Develop Neighborhood Parking Management Plans to empower neighborhoods with tools to ease parking issues.
  • Provide on-street parking permits
  • Operate 19 surface parking lots
  • Administer the Parking Ambassador Program with a focus on customer service and compliance
  • Educate neighborhoods about public safety and parking regulations through our Community Outreach Program
  • Responsible for the administration of on-street regulations in Chapter 26.