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Welcome to the City of Houston Parking Management division (PMD) - where our goal is to make public parking friendly and convenient throughout the City. It's our responsibility to ensure convenient, affordable parking for the residents, businesses and visitors to our city. We're committed to meeting the diverse parking needs of the public while promoting compliance with parking regulations.


By servicing and maintaining almost 9,000 on-street parking spaces across the Greater Houston area, Parking Management creates sound regulations for all commercial and residential areas enhancing pedestrian safety, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, and serving as an engine for economic development.


By listening to concerns from local businesses and residents, we understand unique circumstances exist in each area of the City, and we tailor parking programs to provide maximum benefits. Our on-street parking program supports sound regulations for all commercial and residential areas.


Loading zones are established to provide space for dropping off or picking up goods without blocking the flow of traffic, while mobility, or “diamond,” lanes provide an additional travel lane to expedite the movement of traffic during peak periods. PMD encourages parking awareness while supporting public transit initiatives.


PMD also encourages compliance of regulations that enhance pedestrian safety, ensure a smooth flow of traffic and allow emergency vehicles to reach their destinations. Loading zones are established to provide space for dropping off or picking up goods without blocking the flow of traffic, while mobility, or “diamond,” lanes provide an additional travel lane to expedite the movement of traffic during peak periods.


Our customers drive - we're customer-service driven. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.



Houston Announces City-Wide ParkMobile Pay by Phone Parking Program


October 20, 2011 -- Houston announces a partnership with T2 and Parkmobile that will allow residents, workers and visitors to pay for parking at all of the approximately 7,000 on-street metered spaces with their mobile phones.


"Through the use of this innovation, motorists will be able to conduct their parking transactions from the convenience of their car. They will receive alerts before their time expires; helping them to avoid parking citations," said Mayor Annise D. Parker.


Drivers can sign up at Once registered, customers can use the mobile app, the internet, or a mobile phone (1.877.727.5758) to pay for parking. The parking transactions are transmitted real-time to the handheld devices used by the Parking Enforcement Officers.


When customers are ready to park, they will need to enter their zone number and the amount of time they wish to purchase either via mobile app or a phone call. A digital receipt is then sent to their mobile device. The zone number is displayed on the meter.


There is a .35 cents fee per transaction and the customer will receive a reminder text 15 minutes prior to the expiration of their time. Parking time limits will apply and customers must move their vehicles from the specific zone (each blockface is a zone) once they have exhausted their maximum time.









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Warehouse District Parking Program


In the search for free parking, employees and students are parking in the Warehouse District. In some cases, people park in the district and walk to San Jacinto to ride the bus into Downtown. This creates a tremendous hardship for the residents and businesses in the district that need parking spaces for their visitors and customers.


The Downtown Parking Study committee completed a parking utilization survey for the District. During this survey, the following conditions were observed:


  • 90-95 percent of the available parking is occupied from 7 am to 6 pm.
  • There are approximately 145 parking spaces of which only 12 are paid parking.
  • Paid meter spaces are the only spaces that demonstrated turnover.


In order to alleviate these issues, the curb side parking spaces must be managed to encourage turnover.





Parking Mgmt Offers New Online Customer Services


July 20, 2011 -- The Administration & Regulatory Affairs Parking Management Division now offers customers a more convenient way to manage their parking transactions. In addition to paying citations online, customers can now also purchase permits and contest citations online. By creating “My Account” profiles, they can manage their parking account when and where it is convenient for them. A parking account will track permits, citations and online protests.




Volunteer Parking Enforcement Program


As part of Annise D. Parker's Volunteer Initiatives Program (VIP), Parking Management holds volunteer trainings for citizens interested in getting involved in protecting their communities and helping fight disabled parking abuse. 


The Disabled Parking Volunteer Program is designed to ensure individuals whose needs require accessible parking spaces have those spaces available. With the generous help of citizen volunteers, Parking Management is better able to ensure parking space availability to those who need it most.



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Accessible Parking


Parking Management is committed to installing truly accessible, ADA compliant on-street parking spaces to meet the needs of the disabled community.  The number of spaces has grown from 45 in 2005 to 180 in 2011 at a cost of approximately $8,000 -12,000 per space. Upcoming installations include East Downtown, adjacent to the Dynamo Stadium, and Midtown.



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Resolve a Citation -- Pay or Contest Online


Citation payments can be made at our online service center, by mail or in person. If a citation is not paid 30 calendar days after the issue date, a delinquent fee is added. An additional 30% collection fee is added if a citation is not paid within 90 days. Go to Resolve a Citation for more information.



You have 30 days from the date the citation was issued to contest. You may contest your citation within seven (7) days from citation issuance at our online service center.


After seven (7) days, the citation can be contested in person at the Parking Adjudication Office, 1400 Lubbock , Mon. – Fri., between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. or Saturday, 8:00 am to 5 p.m. Appointments aren't necessary, all hearings are held on a first-come, first-served basis. Go to Resolve a Citation for more information.




Parking Permits


In addition to managing on-street parking, Parking Management also issues parking permits. You may purchase permits online.





Washington Ave. Parking Benefit District


The Washington Avenue Corridor Parking Benefit District (PBD) is a defined geographic area in which a portion of the meter revenue is returned to the district to finance improvements that enhance the quality of life and promote walking, cycling, and the use of public transportation.

The area included in the Washington Avenue Corridor Parking Benefit District is bounded by Houston Avenue, Center Boulevard, Lillian Street\Decatur Street and Westcott Street.



Residential Permit Parking


If you are interested in circulating a petition to implement Residential Permit Parking on your block, please note that applications may take up to six months for processing. Numerous steps are involved in the application review process. To ensure your petition is processed timely ...