Solid Waste Management Department

Used Oil

City of Houston Curbside Recycling Program -- Used motor oil can be placed out with your green bin/cart on your recycling pick-up day. First, drain the oil into clean, non-chemical containers. A plastic milk bottle or the original plastic container can be used (please do not use Clorox or anti-freeze containers). Then place the containers next to the recycling bin. Empty oil containers are not accepted for recycling.

Westpark Consumer Recycling Center-- The Consumer Recycling Center, located at 5900 Westpark at Fountainview accepts used oil and used oil filters for recycling. Maximum quantity accepted is 5 gallons.

Neighborhood Businesses -- Some neighborhood oil change centers, auto parts stores and auto repair garages accept used motor oil for recycling. We recommend you call ahead of time to make sure the location you have in mind accepts used motor oil for recycling. The maximum quantity accepted at most of these facilities is 5 gallons.

You may also recycle used oil at any of the Neighborhood Depository/Recyling Centers or the Environmental Service Centers.

Find more local medical waste disposal and recycling resources at Earth 911.com