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Rodeo Patrons Should Make Sure Pedicabs are Permitted Before Accepting a Ride

March 11, 2024 -- Pedicabs are prevalent when large events are in town, but according to the City of Houston’s Regulatory Permitting Division, not all of them operate legally. A ride from a remote parking spot could be costly if the vehicle is not properly permitted and involved in an accident. The City of Houston requires all pedicabs to be permitted and carry insurance for its passengers.

Pedicabs, pedal-powered tricycles hitched to a seated compartment commonly used to transport passengers from remote parking spots to event venues, must display a valid city-issued certification decal to operate legally in Houston. Passengers should look for the bright yellow sticker which should be visible on the vehicle's seat post. This ensures law enforcement and the public that the pedicab is legal and carries insurance.

  • Before you accept a ride, check for a yellow sticker on the seat post.
  • If you don’t see the certification decal, ask the operator for proof of permit.
  • Decline service if the vehicle is not permitted.

“Unpermitted pedicabs are always more prevalent when large events are scheduled and this should be concerning to passengers because it means that some of those vehicles transporting people on city streets might not have proper insurance or other safety features,” said City of Houston Regulatory Permitting Deputy Director Kathryn Bruning. “A $20 or $30 ;ride from your parking spot to an event venue could end up costing much more if there is an accident involving an unpermitted pedicab and you are stuck with medical bills.”

Illegal pedicabs operating without a valid permit can be given a citation and ordered to pay a fine of up to $500. If you are a pedicab operator looking for information about how to obtain a pedicab permit, please email or call Regulatory Permitting at 832-394-8801.