Community Parking Program - Midtown

Midtown experienced a growth in density and a growth in the nighttime economy. With stakeholder engagement, the City developed a Parking Benefit District (PBD) and the Community Parking Program.

The PBD sets aside a portion of meter revenue for parking sessions started after 6 PM for Midtown to finance improvements that enhance the quality of life, promote walkability and support alternative methods of transportation.

The CPP manages curbside parking and shares the use of the public street for residential and commercial use. When specific blocks in Midtown are designated as a CPP area, the passage of the ordinance will allow ParkHouston to sell permits to residential property occupants that will exempt them from time limits or metered parking payment after 6 pm.

There are no changes proposed for existing Residential Permit Parking (RPP) areas. Occupants of RPP areas will not be eligible to CPP purchase permits. If a parking problem can be demonstrated, they can opt in to end the RPP and convert to a CPP area.