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The Human Resources Communications division works with all 25 city departments to inform and engage more than 21,000 employees and 65,000 city retirees and dependents.


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HR’s Communication Division produces news publications for our employees, retirees and customers. Connect puts you just a click away from all employee news and puts our award winning publications like City Savvy and Benefits Pulse at your fingertips.

Submissions for employee spotlight features and any news and recognition relevant to city employees are welcome. Please submit story ideas to David Smith at

employee PROGRAMS

The city of Houston has various employee programs that recognize achievements outside of work, community involvement, wellness and celebration for being a public servant.

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The Combined Municipal Campaign allows city employees to demonstrate their strong sense of community by supporting environmental, health and social welfare issues that concern the citizens of Houston.

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Public Service Recognition Week, celebrated the first full week in May since 1985, is a time set aside to better inform Americans about the broad variety of services provided by government. During the Spring season various events and contests are held in honor of PSRW. They include: Mayor Service Awards, PSRW Field Day, Bravo Awards, Essay and Poster Contest, and also the year-round City of Houston employee discounts.

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