The City of Houston recognizes the opportunities that a flexible work arrangement such as a hybrid-telework program can present. The pandemic showed us that teleworking can result in improved productivity and improved morale when implemented correctly.

Hybrid-telework policy

In July 2022, the City of Houston allowed seven departments to participate in the Pilot Hybrid-Telework Program to assist with assessing a long-term solution for telework for the City of Houston. After reviewing the assessment, the City of Houston has arrived at a long-term solution for a telework program.

AP 3-36: Hybrid-Telework Program, effective May 1, 2023, outlines the process for how the City’s telework program will be implemented, should the department director decide. Implementation shall be conducted in phases by departments, starting with the departments that participated in pilot.

Please review the resources on this page such as the policy, FAQs and more. More information will be disseminated to the departments as their phase of implementation approaches in accordance with the current implementation schedule in the policy.

Rollout Schedule 

The schedule below has been approved by the Mayor. However, department directors will still determine if and when their department may implement the hybrid telework program. Employees should direct questions to their supervisor.

Phase 1: May 2023

ARA, FIN, HITS, including HAS IT Division, HR, LGL, OBO, and PD

Phase 2: June/July 2023


Phase 3: August/September 2023


Phase 4: October 2023 and ongoing

HAS, HPW, or any other department electing to participate not previously listed

Department Telework Coordinators

Department Coordinator Phone
ARA Estela Cortes 832-393-8501
Bernice Cendejas 832-393-8508
FIN Sheila Murphy 832-393-9035
HHD Amber Haig 832-393-4719
Krystal Winkley 832-393-4355
(Including HAS IT)
Shannon Hodge 832-393-0262
HPL Suzy Benton 832-393-1505
HPW Perri Storey 832-395-2519
Jene Cash 832-395-3157
Erik Dunn 832-395-6219
Ciara Clark 832-395-5427
Tracy Samuel 832-395-2967
Sabrina Johnson 832-395-2683
Elizabeth Orton 832-394-9576
HR Alisa Franklin-Brocks 832-393-6174
LGL Deidra Penny 832-393-6246
OBO Patsy Jackson 832-393-0612
PD Misty Staunton 832-393-6582
PR Cheryl D. Johnson 832-395-7066
Erika Madison 832-395-7061
Meme Rasmus 832-395-7291

Department Information

611 Walker, 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Benefits: 832-393-6000
Main: 832-393-6100
Safety Hotline: 832-393-7233