Human Resources Department

HR Operations

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HR Operations is a consolidated entity that originates and leads Human Resources practices and objectives. The division fosters an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes goal attainment, team spirit, superior customer service, quality work, high efficiency and productivity.

  • Supports city departments with reliable and responsive HR service; aligns programs with overall department’s HR goals and priorities.
  • Streamlines processes and develops metrics; identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Plans, develops, implements, and monitors various strategic HR initiatives, activities, programs, and systems to meet the department’s needs.
  • Effectively administers and implements the city and departmental policies and procedures; timely processes Family Medical Leave Requests and various personnel actions; ensures that the practice is in compliance with Federal and State regulations and laws.
  • Develops positive and professional working relationships with internal/external business partners and customers.
  • Attracts and retains a diverse workforce for the client departments.

Senior Staff

Teri-Germany Haddad Darien Helton Zachary Daenzer
Teri Germany-Haddad
Deputy Director
Darien Helton
Deputy Assistant Director
Client Services
Zachary Daenzer
Administrative Specialist
Nancy Yue Tameka Hardison Iashia Robertson
Nancy Yue
General Relations /
Employee Relations
Division Manager
Tameka Hardison
Employment Resource
and Services & Classified
Testing Division Manager
Iashia Robertson
Shared Services
Division Manager
LaTonya Roberts Julia Landry Jason Padula
LaTonya Roberts
General Relations / Staffing
Division Manager
Julia Landry
Executive Talent Acquisition
Executive Recruiter
Jason Padula
Executive Talent Acquisition
Sr. HR Generalist –
Social Media Recruiter

Client Services

Client Services, comprised of 10 Client Relations Managers (CRMs), is the command center of HR Operations. CRMs act as immediate first-contact resources to department directors, designees and liaisons for all matters relating to hiring, administration, and training of personnel.

Additionally, CRMs oversee the daily operations of their respective groups, ensuring that the HR business needs of each client department are effectively met. See Client Services organizational chart.

Karin Ford Dana Wiltz-Cain Bridgette Eickhoff
Karin Ford
Client Relations Manager
Houston Public Works
Dana Wiltz-Cain
Sr. Client Relations Manager
Environmental Services Cluster
Bridgette Eickhoff
Client Relations Manager
Environmental Services Cluster
Valda Dewitt Sandra Cadena-Vasquez Jacque Ray
Valda Dewitt
Sr. Client Relations Manager
Public Services Cluster
Sandra Cadena-Vasquez
Client Relations Manager
Houston Emergency Center
Jacque Ray
Sr. Client Relations Manager
Houston Fire Department
Melanie Walter Rennice Smith Deborah Worsham
Melanie Walter
Client Relations Manager
Houston Airport System
Rennice Smith
Sr. Client Relations Manager
Business Administration &
Processing Cluster
Deborah Worsham
Client Relations Manager
City and Community Services Cluster

General Relations / Employee Relations

Employee Relations ensures that all employee relations activities are compliant with applicable city policies/procedures, Code of Ordinances, federal, state, local laws and regulations.

It is also the city’s agent for sustaining effective employment relationships in the workplace. See General Relations / Employee Relations organizational chart.

General Relations / Staffing

The Staffing section of General Relations is responsible for staffing the city’s departments with top talent and provides recruitment of high level candidates for the clients they serve through comprehensive postings, sourcing and high level screening techniques of applicants. See General Relations / Staffing organizational chart.

Shared Services

Shared Services teams are responsible for the effective processing of personnel actions that result from employment status changes such as promotions, transfers, terminations, salary increases and leaves of absence. Other services provided by Shared Services teams include the requisitioning of temporary employees, administering Family Medical Leave and processing of retirements.

Shared services teams work collaboratively with their client(s) to provide a high level of communication and a well-regimented partnership. See Shared Services organizational chart.

Employment Resource and Services & Classified Testing

Formerly Selection Services, the Employment Resource and Services Division (ERS) provides a broad range of services to ensure applicants, candidates for employment and current City of Houston employees are aware of policies and procedures relative to application submissions, employment eligibility requirements, and management of employee data.

An integral function of the division is the certification and maintenance of information and processes which deem an employee to be in compliance with city, state and federal employment guidelines as careers begin and are advanced within the City of Houston.

The Classified Testing division provides professional testing services that support the hiring and promotional processes of the Houston Fire and Police departments. The division’s mission is to implement professional testing practices that align with industry standards in order to ensure the best candidates are identified to serve as the City of Houston's public safety representatives. See Employment Resource and Services & Classified Testing organizational chart.

Executive Talent Acquisition

This division delivers quality executive recruitment services for all city departments and aims to find top tier applicants to fill executive level positions across the city with effective social media recruitment campaigns to locate qualified candidates for hard-to-fill positions. See Executive Talent Acquisition organizational chart.