The Physical Exam Drug Testing Division is responsible for conducting physical screenings and drug testing services City wide.

While physical screenings are conducted for the Police, Fire and Aquatics (Parks) Departments, drug test are also performed for all applicants and City employees designated as safety impact.

Physical Exam and Drug Testing Facility

All offers of employment by the City are extended conditionally based on the candidate passing a controlled-substance test and a medical assessment (applicable to specific departments).

Drug screening may be given, for any of the following reasons:

  • Pre-employment
  • Random
  • Follow-up testing
  • Post-accident
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • Return to Duty
  • Promotional
  • Telecommunicators

Drug Testing Policies and Procedures

Drug Testing FAQ

May I request a copy of my results?

Yes, you may request a copy. However, you must be physically present to obtain the results with (1) a written statement that you have requested the material, and (2) an appropriate photo identification for verification. No exceptions will be granted.

If I am currently taking prescribed medications, should I bring those with me?

No, due to Federal Laws, City of Houston is not allowed to ask what medications anyone is taking. If a controlled substance is identified, you will be asked to contact a Medical Review Officer.

If I sign in and I need to leave, may I reschedule my test?

No, once you have signed in, you must comply with the City of Houston Drug Test Policy. If you do not provide a specimen within the allotted time frame, it will be considered a “refusal to test.” A “refusal to test” is treated as a failed test, and the job offer will be rescinded.

Department Information

611 Walker, 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Benefits: 832-393-6000
Main: 832-393-6100
Safety Hotline: 832-393-7233