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    Holidays can't be happy without being safe too

    Accent on Holiday Safety

    Thanksgiving kicked off the annual holiday season of family gatherings, giving, and good times. But this joyous season also has its dangers: Hectic preparations may prove distracting when it comes to safety in the kitchen. The National Fire Protection Association says winter holidays are peak days for home cooking fires. Don't leave your safety to luck. Check out the following information, be safe, and then have a great holiday season and New Year.

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    Texas PRIMA honors City of Houston with 2023 Risk Management Achievement Award

    Safety awareness

    The City of Houston’s Risk Management group was honored in November by the Texas Chapter PRIMA’s 2023 Risk Management Achievement Award. This award, sponsored by Texas PRIMA, is designed to recognize a project, program, or product that contributes to successful risk management programs and provides an opportunity to share these accomplishments and promote value to other public entities.

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    Lisa Stricklan returns to risk management roots

    Safety spotlight

    Lisa Stricklan started her COH career as a safety officer. Motivated by learning and having the ability to teach others, she moved to the Office of Training and Organizational Development as a training coordinator. But after six months, Lisa’s passion and dedication to safety brought her back to the HR Risk Management Division.

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Safety from the sidelines

HPARD's Allen shows commitment to supporting workers' compensation

Houston Parks and Recreation Department Director Kenneth Allen has shown his commitment to HPARD employees recovering from injury through the injured employees’ workers’ compensation journey.

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ANSI Z-10 News

ZIP is based on the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Z-10 standard for Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (OSHMS). It is a premier standard for OHSMSs as shown in the article below.

How the Z10 Implementation Guide Can Improve Your OHSMS Audit

Director’s Message

Jane Cheeks Image "Though our collaborative efforts and no compromise approach to occupational safety, we can achieve the goal of no accidents and no injuries in our workplace."

- Jane Cheeks
Human Resources Director

Tina Paez Image "We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all individuals who may work for, visit, or enter our facilities."

- Tina Paez
Administration and Regulatory Affairs Director

C.J. Messiah, Jr. Image "I fully support the ZIP safety initiative. All employees have the right to work safely and return home safely."

- C.J. Messiah, Jr.
General Services Director

Rhea Brown Lawson Image "At the Houston Public Library (HPL), we strongly believe in maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. As an organization, we encourage staff to take an active role in following safe work practices and protocols."

- Rhea Brown Lawson
Houston Public Library Director

Marsha Murray Image "OBO's policy is to manage operations in a manner that offers maximum protection to those we serve, employ and with whom we partner."

- Marsha Murray
Office of Business Opportunity Director

J. Elaine Marshall Image "It is our position that production and accident prevention shall co-exist to foster an atmosphere of efficiency, productivity and safety."

- J. Elaine Marshall
Municipal Courts Director

Margaret Wallace Brown Image "PD is committed to promoting a culture of workplace safety, and to educating our employees about safety precautions and procedures, so as a department we will support and champion the ideals and goals of the Zero is Possible (ZIP) Safety Initiative."

- Margaret Wallace Brown
Planning and Development Director

Carol Haddock Image "HPW is committed to creating a safe and inclusive workplace where employees are empowered to identify and report any safety concerns."

- Carol Haddock
Houston Public Works Director

Arturo Michael Image "I fully support the ZIP initiative and expect every employee to be an active participant in improving our safety culture."

- Arturo Michael
City of Houston Attorney

Pat J. Daniel Image "Through our collaborative efforts, we shall work in unison to reduce and subsequently eliminate hazards with our workplace. Thus, achieving our goal of no accidents and no injuries – ZERO IS POSSIBLE!"

- Pat J. Daniel
City Secretary

Stephen L. Williams Image "As the Houston Health Department Director, I expect that all HHD employees maintain situational awareness and communicate any safety concerns. With safety as a core value, our Houston Health Department will continue to provide world-class, high-reliability public health services for years to come."

- Stephen L. Williams
Houston Health Department Director

Takasha L. Francis Image "Department of Neighborhoods will establish and maintain avenues to report, address and resolve safety concerns, disseminate safety information, and solicit employee feedback to assist in our mission of eliminating safety risks."

- Takasha L. Francis
Department of Neighborhoods Director

Tantri Emo Image "The Finance Department will take the time to recognize and commend employees who proactively report safety hazards and those who serve on safety committees. As Director, I fully support the ZIP safety initiative."

- Tantri Emo
Finance Department Director/Chief Business Officer

Zip Department Updates

Department Information

611 Walker, 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Benefits: 832-393-6000
Main: 832-393-6100
Safety Hotline: 832-393-7233 careers@houstontx.gov