Administration and Regulatory Affairs

Payroll Services

Juan Olguin
Assistant Director

The City of Houston’s Payroll Services Division is responsible for the remuneration of over 22,000 City of Houston employees biweekly. Included in this responsibility is ensuring employee time and attendance are accurately recorded and that employees are paid the wages to which they are entitled; tax remittances are properly paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); garnishments are properly deducted from employee wages and remitted to the appropriate parties; reports are submitted accurately and timely to the IRS, Social Security Administration (SSA), Texas Department of Insurance – Division of Workers Compensation (TWC) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); accrued leave payouts due to terminations, resignations, retirements and employee deaths are promptly and accurately processed; and accurate W-2 statements are distributed as promptly as possible before the January 31 deadline.

Payroll support is available Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM at 832.393.8900 or by emailing

The City of Houston’s Time & Attendance System website is located at

For assistance regarding resetting your password (Controllers, Aviation, and Houston Police Departments only) or how to perform a certain function, please contact the Payroll Help Desk at 832.393.8900 or Kronos 7.0 Job Aids, Training Videos on how to perform certain function can be found on the Kronos Share Point Access at http://citypointe/FASvcs/ITD/ERPServices/Kronos/Pages/default.aspx.

For assistance regarding resetting your password for all departments (other than Controllers, Aviation, and Houston Police), please contact or call the HITS Help Desk at 832.394.HITS (4487) and request assistance with your AD (Active Directory) or Network Password (Do not request assistance with resetting your Kronos password).

For assistance regarding Java issues or browser compatibility, please contact the Houston Information Technology Services (HITS) help desk at 832.394.4487 or

Non-exempt employees, the quick time stamp website is located at

The TeleTime application can be accessed at 1.844.268.5412 to clock in and out by telephone. Employees must have Director’s approval to be able to clock their time by phone. Department Directors wishing to enable Teletime access for their department may submit a request to

The City’s Electronic Timekeeping Policy is located at

The Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal provides the following payroll functionalities:

  • View your current and past remuneration statements
  • Update to your direct deposit banking instructions
  • Update your W-4 withholding instructions
  • View you current and past W-2 earnings statements
  • View your current leave balance summary with estimated values

The portal is located at Please contact the HITS help desk at 832.394.4487 or if you have any problems logging in.

For copies of current or prior year W-2 earning statements, please complete the form located at and fax to 832-393-8520.



Job aids are one or two page documents with simple instructions and examples for everyday tasks (.pdf).


Online learning tools are available at the City of Houston Learning Management System (LMS) located at You must be logged into the City of Houston network in order to access the LMS application.

The following courses are available.

  • Kronos User Training For Executives – This is a 45-minute course designed for managers with exempt direct reports.
  • Kronos – Editing a Schedule Pattern
  • Kronos – Scheduling without a Pattern Template
  • Kronos – Assign Employee to Schedule Group
  • Kronos – Change Schedule Pattern for a Future Date

To find these courses, visit and search for the course “Kronos” in “All Locations”.