Over the next four years Human Resources is embarking on an exciting journey as we modernize HR to become a premier employer. To achieve this, we have anchored our strategy on four pillars as we envision moving to the next level.


How will HROne benefit the City? 

The City employees and retirees will benefit from this transformation by using digital technologies to create new – or modify existing – business processes, culture, and customer experience to meet ever changing HR business, legal and compliance requirements. 

How will HROne help me? 

With the new HROne, you will receive a powerful tool with a new look and interface experience that is mobile-friendly and has enhanced functionalities for all your HR needs – connected in a single place. You’ll have on-the-go access to things that matter to you, like paycheck information. You can efficiently update your personal information. Benefitplace provides you a more intuitive benefits enrollment and management experience, in addition to ensuring the City is compliant with federal regulations. 

Where/how can I get additional information?  

More information can be found at www.houstontx.gov/hr/hrone.html. This site is accessible through any internet-enabled device, including smart phones.  Many departments have a computer kiosk for employees who do not have readily accessible computer or smart devices. You can also speak to your department’s Client Relations Manager or HR liaison. 

What type of training will I get? 

You will have 24/7 access to self-paced training through the Talent Management System and step-by-step guides and videos to help you navigate the new system.   Anyone with administrative access to the system will also have access to customized training. 

When is this implementation happening? 

HROne SuccessFactors Employee Central is scheduled to go live on January 30, 2023. Benefitplace is scheduled to go live for employees and retirees and survivors on February 27, 2023. 


What is Manager Self-Service (MSS) and how will it change the way I operate as a manager? 


MSS is a human resource management tool that provides managers and supervisors with immediate access to employee information. You will have access to mobile-enabled tools to help you oversee your staff and management of personnel actions. After successfully completing training, you’ll have the ability to initiate personnel actions. This combination will lead to faster and easier approvals.


Will all managers have access to MSS upon launch?

No. Access to MSS will be done on a phased basis. Once your leadership has made a decision to utilize MSS, managers will receive access to view and initiate events in Employee Central using MSS.

Who do I contact if I have questions?  

Frequently Asked Questions can be found at www.houstontx.gov/hr/hrone.html and if you still need more assistance, please contact your change agent.  

What do I need to do to prepare for this implementation?  

Be on the lookout for announcements about training and launch dates, and ensure you complete all required training. 

Director’s Message

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Jane Cheeks

Human Resources Director

“The City will benefit from this digital transformation by using digital technologies to create new – or modify existing – business processes, culture, and customer experience to meet ever changing business and HR legal and compliance requirements.”

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