Cigna Medical

Cigna Dental

Cigna Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Cigna Express Scripts

Dearborn Life Insurance

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Continental American Insurance Company (Supplemental Plans)

Total Administrative Services Corporation (HFSA and DCRP)

Medicare Advantage Plan Contacts

Aetna Health Care

KelseyCare Advantage

Retirement Benefit Contacts

Deferred Compensation (457 Plan)

Houston Municipal Employee Pension System
Houston Firefighter's Relief and Retirement Fund

Houston Police Officer's Pension System

On-site Cigna Representatives

Last names A – F:
      Yamilet Patino
      Phone: 832-393-6305

Last names G – M:
      Maria Rodriguez
      Phone: 832-393-6193
Last Names N – Z:
      Ivan Flake
      Phone: 832-393-6191


Benefits Customer Service


Department Groups Benefits Admin Email Address Phone Number
PD, HCD, HHD, MCD, OBO, FIN, ARA and HITS Brittany Whittington 832-393-6050
HAS and PR Elizabeth Martinez 832-393-6109
HPD Sayyed Hagihasani 832-393-6107
HR , HPD backup Fatin Osman 832-393-6708
HFD and HEC Glenda Guillory  832-393-6113
HPW, LGL, CNL, CSC, CTR and MYR Ana Karen Martinez  832-393-6195
HPL, CNV, SWM, GSD, FMD and DON DeShannon Jolivett 832-393-6517


Retirees and Survivors

Last Name A-F KaRhonda Lacy 832-393-6516
Last Name G-M Lisa Ingram 832-393-6111
Last Name N-Z Kemp Lenued 832-393-6103

Department Information

611 Walker, 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Benefits: 832-393-6000
Main: 832-393-6100
Safety Hotline: 832-393-7233