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When it comes to employees' health, here at the City of Houston, each employee is valued for their individual skills, talents and contributions to the success of the city. And when it comes to employees’ health, we empower employees with a comprehensive set of benefits designed to protect their physical and emotional health.

The following benefits are offered based on eligibility:

Other Benefits

In addition to traditional benefits, we offer plans to protect you against medical unexpected events. The City of Houston offers plans that will assist you with your medical day to day and make the most out your finacial future.

The City of Houston provides the following other benefits:

Retirement Benefits

The City of Houston provides the following retirement benefits:

Who is Elgible?

Your eligible dependents are defined as:

  • Legal spouse
  • Natural or adopted children to age 26
  • Children to age 26, over whom you have legal guardianship or legal foster care
    Grandchildren and stepchildren to age 26 if they qualify as your dependents for federal income-tax purposes and live with you
  • A dependent child who is 26 or older, primarily supported by you, and incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental incapacity, physical disability or handicap which arose while the child was covered as a dependent under these plans, or while covered as a dependent under prior city plans without a break in coverage. Upon applying and receiving third party medical administrator’s approval, proof of the child’s condition and dependence must be submitted within 31 days or the child ceases to qualify for benefits.
  • Dependents (children and grandchildren) for whom a court order has been received requiring the employee to provide healthcare coverage, provided HR Benefits receives the court order within 31 days after issuance.

After a divorce, an ex-spouse is not eligible, except by court order issued at the time of a divorce. A divorce decree may be amended to require a retiree to cover an ex-spouse under a city medical plan.

Changes to your benefits are limited to open-enrollment periods, unless you have experienced a qualifying life event.

Qualifying Life Events

Outside of Open Enrollment, you can change your benefit coverage only if you experience a qualified life event. You have just 30 days to change your plan, so don’t wait to inform Benefits Customer Service.

Qualifying life events are defined as:
  • Marriage, divorce or legal separation.
  • Adoption or birth of a child.
  • Death of a spouse or child.
  • A child on your policy turns 26.
  • Taking or returning from a leave of absence.
  • A change in your work schedule that causes you to gain or lose coverage.
  • Change in residence or work location of you or a dependent on the policy.
  • Loss or gain of benefits coverage due to a change in spouse's employement status