Benefits Rep Cluster Assignment Phone Number
Sayyed Hagihasani
Fatin (back up)
Houston Police Department (HPD) (832) 393-6107
KaRhonda Lacy
Brittany (back up)
Houston Fire Department (HFD)
Houston Emergency Center (HEC)
(832) 393-6516
Brittany Whittington
KaRhonda (back up)
Health & Human Services (HHS)
Municipal Courts (MCD)
Office of Business Opportunity (OBO)
Finance (FIN)
Administration & Regulatory (ARA)
Affairs (ARA)
Planning & Development (PD)
Houston Information Systems (HITS)
Housing & Community Development (HCD)
(832) 393-6050
Fatin Osman
Sayyed (back up HPD)
Human Resources (HR) (832) 393-6708
AnaKaren Martinez
Elizabeth (back up)
Legal (LGL)
Controllers (CTR)
City Secretary (CSC)
City Council (CNL)
Mayor (MYR)
(832) 393-6195
Elizabeth Martinez
AnaKaren (back up)
Houston Airport System (HAS)
Parks and Recreation (PR)
(832) 393-6109
DeShannon Jolivett
Yvonne G. (back up)
Library (HPL)
Solid Waste Management (SWM)
General Services (GSD)
Fleet Management (FMD)
Department of Neighborhoods (DON)
(832) 393-6517
Yvonne Gonzales
DeShannon (back up)
Houston Public Works (HPW) (832) 393-6194
Glenda Guillory
Kemp (back up)
Retirees: A – F (832) 393-6113
Lisa Ingram
Glenda (back up)
Retirees: G – M (832) 393-6111
Kemp Lenued
Lisa (back up)
Retirees: N – Z (832) 393-6103

Department Information

611 Walker, 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77002