If you are a full-time employee who is NOT a Classified Police Officer, and you meet the Plan’s eligibility requirements of one year participation in the Compensable Sick Leave program, you will be covered under the City of Houston Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan.* This plan is paid for by the City in order to protect the income of employees who become disabled.

Long-Term Disability

If you become permanently and totally disabled, the plan will provide a source of income up to age 65, until death before age 65 or until the disability ends before age 65. There is an elimination period of 180 days after the date of disability during which time benefits are not payable. To qualify for LTD benefits, the plan administrator’s medical director must certify your medical condition as a permanent and total disability.

*In some instances, where a preexisting condition exists, an employee may not become covered by the plan until after two years of employment.

For a more comprehensive description of plan benefits, contact the Benefits Division at 832-393-6000.

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