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Life Insurance

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The City of Houston provides all full-time employees with a basic life insurance policy at one times their base annual salary at no cost to the employee through Dearborn National.

You also have the option of purchasing voluntary life insurance up to three times your base annual salary without submitting an Evidence of Insurability form during your initial enrollment period (first 30 days of hire). You have the option to elect up to four times your base annual salary, but you will need to submit an Evidence of Insurability form. If you choose to enroll in this benefit after your initial enrollment period, you will need to submit an Evidence of Insurability form.

Premiums are based on your age, salary and coverage options. Applicable rates are available for you to view on your SAP Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal.

Spouse & Dependent Child(ren)

With submission of appropriate documentation, the City of Houston will cover your spouse with a $2,000 basic life insurance benefit and your dependent child(ren) with a $1,000 basic life insurance benefit.

You can purchase a voluntary spouse life policy at half of your annual base salary, up to a maximum of $50,000, and coverage for your dependent child(ren) up to $10,000, depending on your level of coverage. This benefit is subject to approval based on Dearborn National’s review of a submitted Evidence of Insurability form.

Retiree Life Insurance

When it comes to employees' health, here at the City of Houston, each employee is valued for their individual skills, talents and contributions to the success of the city.

And when it comes to employees’ health, we empower employees with a comprehensive set of benefits designed to protect their physical and emotional health.

Upon retirement, you have two options to handle your Basic Life or Voluntary Life Insurance.

Option 1
You can complete the Retiree Basic Life Insurance Form to continue your Retirement Basic Life Insurance for $15,000 at the rate of $15.45 per month.

Option 2
You can convert your Basic Life Insurance and/or Voluntary Life insurance by completing the Application to Convert Group Life Insurance.

Life Insurance Documents