Supplemental Insurance Plans

Prescription PLan imageThe City of Houston’s new supplemental insurance offerings sound too good to be true, but they’re not. These plans deliver improved coverage while reducing the cost to employees at the same time.

The plans include Group Accidental insurance, Group Critical Illness with Cancer, and Group Hospital Indemnity. They will help protect you and your family against unexpected costs due to accidents, injuries, medical conditions and hospitalization.

Individual and family supplemental coverage may be a good fit for some employees who want extra financial protection.

To enroll in a supplemental plan

For Group Accident:

Log In Info
User ID: your employee number without the “E”   (e.g. 194566)
Password: first letter of your first name and first letter of your last name followed by your DOB (MMDDYYYY)

Enroll online at 

Call 855-396-7655

For Group Critical Illness Plan with Cancer and Group Hospital Indemnity:

Log In Info
Case ID: A932
User ID: Full SSN
Password: Houston17 (Case Sensitive)

Enroll online at 

Call 866-849-0011

Note: If you are terminating an old plan, you must take action. If you are swapping your old Aflac plan for one of the city’s new plans, you must complete a disenrollment form.

Provided by Continental American Insurance Company

  • One-time hospital admission benefit of $500
  • $100 a day for ICU confinement (up to 30 days)
  • $150 a day for hospital room confinement (up to 30 days)
  • $125 for outpatient surgery
  • $25 health screening benefit

Provided by The Hartford

The City of Houston’s official carrier of Accident insurance coverage is The Hartford. You have the opportunity to elect Accident insurance for yourself, your spouse or domestic partner and your dependent children – with guaranteed acceptance. Accident insurance provides you with payment(s) associated with a covered injury and related services, which you can use in any way that you choose:

  • To pay for expenses not covered by your health plan,
  • Or help cover day-to-day costs of living such as a mortgage or utility bills.

For more information on your benefit options, visit MyTomorrow® – an interactive educational tool designed to help you make smart, affordable benefit choices. You can also visit

Watch a video on how Accident Insurance can help you

Provided by Continental American Insurance Company

  • Up to a $20,000 lump sum is paid directly to you upon diagnosis
  • Covers cancer, heart attack, stroke, coma, major organ transplant, kidney failure, angioplasty/ stint, burns, etc.
  • Different illness occurrence payable at 100 percent, if six months apart/Same illness reoccurrence benefits payable at 100 percent, if six months apart (12 months for cancer)
  • $75 health screening benefit
  • No lifetime limit on payout